Effective cleaning and disinfection procedures combined with elevated biosecurity practices are critical in controlling the spread and eradicating highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).  The risk assessments and Egg Movement Control Model Plan are effective only when appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed.  The model procedures in this document demonstrate how minimum biosecurity requirements can be met.  Individual companies or locations may adapt the procedures to fit their particular needs while still meeting or exceeding the minimum criteria. See attachment D


  1. Employee Protection Procedure
  2. Moving Hatching Eggs Out of an AI Control Area
  3. Moving Newly Hatched Chicks Out of an AI Control Area
  4. Cart and Pullet Truck
  5. Spent Hen Truck and Trailer
  6. Manure Truck and Driver
  7. Shell Egg Truck Exterior/Interior Wash Procedure
  8. Shell Egg Wash Procedure
  9. Egg Packing Materials
  10. Egg Shells
  11. CIP Requirements
  12. Tanker Exterior Wash Procedure
  13. Inedible Egg
  14. Truck Drivers
  15. Loading Docks

You are encouraged to treat the Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures as part of the entire Secure Egg Supply Plan that can be downloaded here. Secure Egg Supply Plan.PDF