Layer Day-Old Chicks (Download Risk Assessment)

Click here for updated permit guidance materials (May 2017)
Layer day-old chicks (newly hatched chicks that are moved from the hatchery within a couple of days after hatching) originating from a premises within an HPAI Control Area moving to a pullet premises represent a low risk, provided that the permit guidance below has been met. Layer day-old chicks moving to pullet premises may move within or out of the Control Area by permit.
PERMIT Guidance
  • Chicks are moving from a hatchery that has a national premises identification number and that receives eggs from breeder flock(s) designated HPAI Free or that meet the criteria for a Monitored Premises designation.
  • Truck & driver biosecurity is implemented.
  • Product-specific biosecurity is implemented.
  • Chicks are placed under 21-day quarantine at destination premises.
  • At onset of outbreak, initial testing of all breeder flocks located in the Control Area witheggs in hatchery egg room (but not necessary if eggs in incubators/hatchers) should have 2 negative PCR tests per house before any chicks move.
  • When the Control Area is first established, if hatching eggs from breeder flocks of undetermined HPAI infection status in the Control Area are present in the hatchery, the hatchery connecting passages and receiving storage areas should cleaned and disinfected with an EPA registered disinfectant.
  • Once Control Area and breeder flock testing is established, thereafter only chicks from breeder flocks designated HPAI Free or that meet the criteria for a Monitored Premises designation may be moved from a hatchery within the Control Area.